Worldwide geotextiles market 2014 to 2020

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Geotextiles Market Size To Exceed $2 Billion By 2020

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Worldwide Geotextiles Market to – Industry Survey, Market Size Essay The global market for Geotextiles is expected to reach USD billion byaccording to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Increased focus on geotextiles and its applications in roadways and erosion prevention is expected to be a key driver for the.

EDANA disclosed its preliminary annual statistics, on the opening day of INDEX™17, the largest global meeting place for the nonwovens supply chain and their customers. The global geotextiles demand is expected to reach 4, million square meters by growing at a CAGR of % from to EDANA disclosed its preliminary annual statistics, on the opening day of INDEX™17, the largest global meeting place for the.

The global geotextiles market is fragmented with the top 6 companies catering to about 40% of global demand in Key players in the market include Royal Tencate, NAUE, Low and Bonar and Propex. Geotextile is an emerging segment of the geosynthetic market. Currently, the world geotextiles market is witnessing a rapid growth due to stringent government regulations on the commercial use of geotextiles.

Worldwide geotextiles market 2014 to 2020
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