The philippines e commerce market

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Analysing the Gender Diversity in the Top-level Management of Philippines’ E-commerce Market

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Co-authored by Tom Alarilla.

E-commerce market value in the Philippines 2014-2020

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The report "Philippines B2C E-Commerce Market " contains forecasts for near-term rapid growth in the online commerce sector, propelled by increased Internet and the populations' warming to the online shopping experience.

The e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia is booming, and the Philippines is a prime market for e-commerce. Strengths The e-commerce industry in the Philippines holds much potential for. Describes how widely e-Commerce is used, the primary sectors that sell through e-commerce, and how much product/service in each sector is sold through e-commerce versus brick-and-mortar retail.

Includes what a company needs to know to take advantage of e-commerce in the local market and, reputable, prominent B2B websites. According to eCommerceiq Asia [1], the Philippines eCommerce market in was estimated at US$ billion which translates to only percent of retail transactions in the country.

This market is estimated to grow into a US$10 billion industry by The Philippines is sometimes ASEAN’s odd cousin. It’s the only market in the region where Lazada dominates the competition, getting around 35+ million visits per month with no other player in sight. Although the second most populated country in Southeast Asia with million residents, the country has the second smallest ecommerce market.

Ecommerce in the Philippines is expected to lift off to reach nearly $10 billion by outsizing Singapore and Malaysia. Find out on ecommerceIQ, Southeast Asia's leading market research brand.

The philippines e commerce market
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