Problems and prospects of marketing cooperative society in nigeria

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What is the legal status of the cooperative society?

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PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF THE COOPERATIVE MOVEMENT IN INDIA UNDER THE GLOBALIZATION REGIME Miss Banishree Das * Dr Nirod Kumar Palai #, and Dr Kumar Das @ This paper intends to analyze the problems prospects of cooperative sector in India under free marketism.

It is now increasingly recognized that the co-operative. As of Julythe prospects of marketing research in Nigeria are largely favorable. Depending on how the country develops and expands internationally, it will change dynamically. This discussion which is structured in three parts: history, challenges and prospects, examines the dialectics of the development of Nigeria sincethe year of the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates of Nigeria into a British colony.


Problems and Prospects of Cooperative Societies in Nigeria

A LECTURER, (BANKING & FINANCE) COVENANT UNIVERSITY, OTA, OGUN STATE e-mail [email protected] Tel ABSTRACT This paper looked at the challenges and prospects of .

Problems and prospects of marketing cooperative society in nigeria
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