Observation of market shares

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Technopolis Plc published on 28 August, a Stock Exchange Release The purpose of the observation segment is to alert the market to.

We now explain the calculation for stakes (shares) that are indirectly owned by the state by using several illustrative examples ().The state indirectly owns 40% of the shares in Company A, which is calculated by multiplying the 40% share owned by Company A1 in Company A by 1, because in this case the stake directly owned by the state in the parent Company A1 is considered to be %.

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When it. While the PIMS data base is the most extensive and detailed source of information on the profit/ market-share relationship, there is additional confirming evidence of its existence.

“The nine-month results mainly reflect the good performance on the A and the aircraft delivery profile. Even though we delivered more aircraft than a year earlier, we .

Observation of market shares
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