Mcdonalds target market analysis

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McDonalds Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

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The marketing strategy of McDonald’s is based on uniformity, no matter what McDonald’s you are in in the world, you will always have the most iconic items. To gain an insight into how McDonald’s does this we decided to look at how marketing in the US, the home of McDonald’s, differs with that in Japan, whose market is worth 15 percent.

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McDonalds segmentation, targeting and positioning is one of the integral components of its marketing strategy. Segmentation involves dividing population into groups according to certain characteristics, whereas targeting implies choosing specific groups identified as a result of segmentation to sell products.

McDonald’s understands the importance of strategic placement, and is aware of the ways in which to most effectively target and service target consumers. Outlets are placed in areas of high footfall, areas that are easily accessible to the consumer and areas that have an optimum demographic.

What Is McDonald's Target Market? A: Quick Answer.

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McDonald's marketing targets everyone and does not have a select audience. The company claims that their restaurants offer meals for children, a place to relax with free Wi-Fi for adults, and a quick breakfast for those in a hurry in the morning.

Mcdonalds target market analysis
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