Marketing strategy of ufone pakistan

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Marketing Plan of UFONE

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Marketing Strategy of Ufone Essay Sample

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The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is a regulator established with the objective of developing a modern and efficient corporate sector, insurance, NBFCs and capital markets. This presentation is about the marketing strategies of ufone that how they captured the market.

Mr. Serkan Okandan joined Etisalat as the Chief Financial Officer of Etisalat Group in January Apart from the Group CFO position, he is currently representing Etisalat as a Board Member at its operations in Pakistan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

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Marketing Strategies of Ufone. Marketing Essay PTML is a subsidiary of PTCL (Pakistan Telecom Company Limited), the largest operator in Pakistan. Keywords: recommendations for ufone, ufone marketing analysis, ufone swot analysis PTML is a subsidiary of PTCL (Pakistan Telecom Company Limited), the largest operator in Pakistan.

PTML was established to operate cellular telephonyThe company commenced its operations under the brand name of Ufone from Islamabad on January. This document is about the dissertation project that elaborates the UFone success strategy with reference to regional perspective.

It includes a research to do an extensive study on U fone in Pakistan enabling readers to closely understand the company success and firm establishment in Pakistan.

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