Marketing strategy of audi bmw mercedes

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Analysis: The BMW vs Mercedes Social Presence Showdown

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Famous Advertisement war between BMW and AUDI – who nailed it

Loren Angelo is Vice President, Marketing, at Audi of America with responsibility for building the Audi brand image in the United States, along with consumer awareness and advertising strategies. Dec 01,  · Competitors: Mercedes-Benz, in recent years, has re-branded their line of cars in order to attract a younger target group (Stuttgart, ).

The brand’s first initiative was to release a re-modeled Class A compact car that could compete with BMW’s Series 1 and Audi. Audi shapes its policies with an eye to the policies of the competitors such as Mercedes Benz and BMW. Audi has to observe the actions of them from time to time because the actions of Audi’s competitors will affect Audi’s profit.

It is a non-personal selling marketing strategy. This approach is not only a lower cost-spending but also a. Instead of following the Japanese concepts of lean production, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and Audi developed a new innovative premium brand strategy and initiated a revolution in the industry by setting innovative benchmarks.

By contrast, sales of Audi cars rose 32 percent tocars, while BMW’s volume increased 41 percent tocars, according to consulting firm LMC Automotive.

Marketing strategy of audi bmw mercedes
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Branding Strategy of BMW | Marketing Slides