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Is Beaten-Down Mattel Worth The Risk?

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All you need to know about Mattel Toys' aggressive retail strategy for the Indian market

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Case Study: Mattel Hot Wheels

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Beyond Barbie: Mattel Plans Digital Transformation

Marketing Strategy for Barbie SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. it is a technique used to determine the appropriate use in different management activities and operations, it is particularly appropriate to utilise the technique in the early parts of marketing and strategic planning (, ).

Stocks closed the week with losses on tariff concerns, while Okta reported huge growth and Mattel announced a new film division. What Happened in the Stock Market Today -- The Motley Fool Skip to. cultural fashions, has been a largely successful marketing strategy for Mattel in many international markets, winning the allegiances of little girls throughout the world.

Mattel plays with digital toys to triple China business

Denmark’s Lego reported hefty profit and revenue growth, thanks to its Star Wars, Ninjago and Elves brick sets, but again fell short of surpassing U.S. rival Mattel. With an astute vision to lead the toy industry in India, Mattel Toys, the world’s largest toy-maker, has charted a more robust and aggressive retail strategy.

In a move to strengthen its retail. Alibaba Group’s unrivaled scale and data-driven approach to consumer insights will enable Mattel to tailor their market and product strategy. With more than million active buyers across its e-commerce platforms, Alibaba is helping.

Market strategy mattel
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