Market segmentation of samsung tv

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Retailing in Indonesia

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Samsung Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

Samsung is a diverse business with chips, displays, and other technology. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Samsung SyncMaster HM inch LCD Monitor at Read.

Besides, in geography segmentation, Samsung target audience for 3D TVs will be mostly found in or near big cities. These locations must be considered as prime market area as availability of 3D content in urban areas rather than away from cities in the more technologically constrained rural areas.

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The design itself opens up the possibility that, through software, tablets can appeal. Changes in consumer behaviour significantly weaken the retailing industry. Given Indonesia’s large population and current demographics, coupled with favourable governmental policies that encourage the nation’s economy to grow, the country is deemed as a potential market for not only local players, but also foreign players.

The global smart TV market size was valued at USD billion in The shifting consumer preferences toward online content as a result of growing proliferation of high-speed internet in most parts of the world is providing an impetus to the industry growth.

SAMSUNG Electronics Develops Watch Phone Market segmentation of samsung tv
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