Market penetration pricing strategy

market penetration pricing

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Penetration Pricing

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Penetration pricing

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However, Kroger and Costco use a whole pricing strategy. Penetration price strategy is designed to maximize sales, gain widespread market acceptance, and capture a large market share quickly by setting a relatively low initial price. Penetration pricing is a strategy employed by a business to structure the pricing of its product to build its market share quickly at the expense of a.

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Targeting the largest market segment within the range might be tempting, but maximizing volume doesn't necessarily maximize profits (see sidebar "Penetration pricing").

In particular, four aspects of new-product pricing may counsel against targeting the largest market, especially if doing so. Penetration pricing is a business’s method of establishing an initial low price for goods and/or services, with the intention of raising the company’s market share.

The price could be established so low that the business may not be able to gain profits in the short term. Nevertheless, this is. A bottoms-up strategy lends itself to penetration pricing. Price low to minimize adoption friction, grow quickly, and then move up-market after developing broad adoption.

Penetration pricing leads to land-and-expand sales tactics. Market skimming is a pretty basic pricing strategy: Release a new, exciting product at a high premium and skim the greatest possible margin from the customers with the greatest demand; Once the sales volume begins to decrease at the original price, incrementally lower the price to increase sales again.

market penetration pricing Market penetration pricing strategy
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Factors Influencing Pricing Strategy in International Marketing