Evolution of marketing techniques in pharmaceutical industry

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Pharmaceutical marketing

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Evolution of marketing techniques in pharmaceutical industry

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Pharma 2020: Marketing the future

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Group of people have formed companies and paraphrasing their products. The research interest of this paper is the evolution of a high-R&D, marketing-intensive sector: the pharmaceutical industry. Given these characteristics—as a first approximation—the industry should be characterised by high degrees of concentration.

Masood I, Ibrahim Mim,et al;Evolution Of Marketing Techniques ORIGINAL ARTICLE Evolution Of Marketing Techniques, Adoption In Pharmaceutical Industry And Related Issues: A Review. Evolution Consulting is an established market research company with a proven track record in the pharmaceutical industry.

Within that space, our team has established a strong reputation for providing insightful, data-driven, actionable reports. The primary objective of this paper is to discuss the evolution of marketing techniques employed by pharmaceutical industries in order to remain competitive in this highly regulated commodity.

Key words: Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical marketing, Pharmaceutical promotion, Pharmaceutical industry, Marketing strategies. This article examines the main features of the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry in its historical development. 2 2. Business History Review 72 firms and industry evolution is largely characterised by path dependence.

Capabilities, forms of organisation, market structures and institutions change over time on the basis of previous. Selling Drugs: Marketing Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry and their Effect on Healthcare and Research Hoiman Chiu Abstract Analysis of the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing tactics reveals the ex- tent of their influence on patient care and medical research.

Evolution of marketing techniques in pharmaceutical industry
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